Drain and sewer unclogging

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    How to know if your drains are clogged

    Do you have doubts about the impermeability and proper functioning of your pipes? If you notice odors or if wastewater is slow to evacuate, these are signs that shouldn’t be ignored. An unusual amount of water on your property may also be a sign of trouble.

    If you’re unsure, you can request a camera-assisted inspection which will make it possible to see if the pipes are obstructed and, if so, where and by what. All without the need to do any digging.

    What can cause a clog?

    Accumulated grease, excessive loads, and cracks resulting from improper installation are all common causes of clogged drains.

    Pipes can also be blocked by tree roots. In fact, since the water circulating in drains often causes condensation on the surface of the pipes, tree roots tend to grow toward them. If a crack forms, the roots will enter it and quickly grow inside the pipes because they provide them with all the water they need. As the roots become thicker, they end up completely blocking the pipes and will eventually break them if you fail to take action.

    Unclogging pipes and French drains

    Regardless of the cause of the blockage, your drains and sewers can be unclogged and cleaned by the specialists at Vallée & Fils Égoutiers, who are GUS franchisees. Depending on the situation, our team can offer you various solutions, including pressure washing, which can be aided by a snake or an electric cutter with a serrated blade to cut roots. If the obstruction is serious, it may be necessary to do some digging in order to resolve the problem. But you can rest assured that, at Vallée & Fils Égoutiers, every project we undertake is carried out with professionalism and in accordance with the very highest standards of the industry.