Camera-assisted drain inspection and smoke testing

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    A tried-and-true solution

    Have you noticed backflow problems in your sanitary systems? Don’t wait until the situation gets worse before you have your pipes inspected.

    A camera-assisted inspection is a quick, effective, affordable solution that can help determine the source of the blockage in your pipes in order to implement a precise action plan targeting the problem.

    Full pipeline inspection without digging

    No invasive or damaging equipment is used. All we use is a camera, which allows us to locate a crack in a pipe buried deep in the ground or to definitively identify the cause of backflow or a clog in your sewer line.

    It’s also possible to have a pre-purchase inspection performed without damaging your systems or your property. The camera-assisted inspection provides us with precise information on the length and depth of the pipes, in addition to helping us detect the lines and metal pipes.

    The pipeline inspection is performed with the aid of a sophisticated color camera that records photos and videos. As a result, it isn’t necessary to do any digging that might mar the property. The camera is linked to the sewer worker’s computer, which can calculate the exact position in relation to the entrance of the sewer. It is equipped with a built-in recorder so you can obtain a DVD of the inspection once it’s completed.

    Supplemental smoke testing

    You can also have smoke testing performed to verify that the pipes are impermeable. This will make it possible to detect any air leaks that the camera was unable to find. First, the pipe leading to the sewer main under the street is blocked with a balloon. The sewer vent is then plugged and smoke is blown into the pipe. If smoke escapes through a joint, for example, this means that there’s a problem. This test is very efficient and precise and causes no damage