Sewer and French drain cleaning

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    Why clean your sewers and French drains?

    Tree roots and accumulated grease are just two of the many things that can clog your sewer lines. Don’t wait until you’re overcome with backflow problems to call on the services of our team. Our experts will come to your residence or business and clean your sewers using a pressure washer, electric cutter or other equipment, depending on the nature of the blockage.

    Like sewers, French drains are essential structures for protecting your residence or business from water leaks. One of the main problems that can prevent them from working properly is ferrous ochre, which is a reddish mud resulting from a chemical reaction between water, iron and the air.

    Failure to remove this viscous material or any accumulated sand can be very harmful to your building. In fact, it can lead to water leaks that may cause extensive damage. The good news is that, at Vallée & Fils Égoutiers, we have not only the necessary expertise to respond to your needs but also the necessary equipment and technology to do so quickly and effectively.


    Available services

    • Camera-assisted drain inspection and location of sewer lines
    • Drain and sewer unclogging
    • Pipe lagging
    • Foundation drain cleaning, repair and replacement
    • Foundation repair and sealing
    • Ferrous ochre treatment
    • Utility connections (water mains, storm drains and sanitary systems)
    • Excavation service
    • Pipe thawing
    • Sewer backflow prevention by installing backflow valves

    Why choose Vallée & Fils Égoutiers?

    Our company currently has several work teams crisscrossing the Greater Montreal area (including Laval, Repentigny, the West Island area up to the border of Ontario and the South Shore area up to the US border) in their three vehicles, unclogging sewer lines and storm sewers, cleaning French drains, pressure washing pipes and much more. As GUS (Groupe Urgence Sinistre) franchisees, our team is backed by the strength of the network and the experience of the owner, who has worked in the industry for more than 20 years.